Airtel is extending its 1000GB free data offer for broadband users till October 31, 2018. Airtel had announced the 1000GB extra data offer for its broadband users in May last year, which would be valid for one year. However, it looks like the company has now extended this for another couple of months. It should be noted that not all Airtel broadband plans come with 1000GB data extra data.

Airtel 1000GB data on broadband: How it works

Based on Airtel’s website all plans from Rs 1099 and above come with 1000GB data. Broadband plans starting at lower price rate do not have the 1000GB extra data offer. Airtel’s Rs 1099 broadband plan comes with up to 100 Mbps speeds, 100 GB data per month and over 1000 GB extra data, which can also be carried forward. However, this is for Mumbai region only. In Delhi the same Airtel plan has 250 GB download data for the user along with 1000GB extra data.

Airtel also has a Rs 1299 plan listed for Delhi region with up to 100 Mbps and 350 GB broadband data per month. It comes with 1000GB extra data as well. Airtel’s Rs 1,799 plan in Mumbai however, comes with up to 100 Mbps and only 275 GB data per month. It has 1000GB extra data on offer as well. The plans all include unlimited local and STD calls on Airtel landline, which is bundled free with the Airtel broadband.

The extra data is offered as additional 100GB per month over the base plan. The bonus data cannot be carried forward to the next month’s cycle.  Airtel also allows users to the option of ‘Data Rollover’ facility for those on its broadband network. Those on Airtel home broadband connection can accumulate up to 1000GB unused data to add to their next billing cycle’s data benefit. So for instance, if a user’s monthly data allowance is 250GB and around 30GB is left over from the previous month, it can be carried forward to the billing allowance. The user will then have 280GB of data for the next month.

Airtel users can also bundle their Airtel postpaid and Digital TV accounts to get an extra 10GB data for each broadband connection. It should be noted that bonus data 1000GB is only valid for those who get the broadband connection from Airtel’s website.